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how to make vlogs & alienate people. 

I am SO EXCITED, guys!

There are so many upcoming projects this summer, I can barely contain myself. So I decided to begin documenting it.

When I was in my late teens, I used to spend hours making videos and editing them together in little "episodes", but I didn't feel comfortable posting them on the internet, probably because I had a lot of self esteem issues back then. Now that life is good and I'm getting older, I'm very interested in documenting my life as a little time capsule for myself. And I enjoy sharing my life on other platforms, so why not YouTube?

That's right, I'm a vlogger now.

Check out my videos and if you like what you see, please subscribe to my channel. I'd love to start a dialogue and get to know you better. You'll always find my latest video on this page here but if you'd like to check out past videos, head on over to the videos page.

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Listen to my stories now!

Listen to my stories now!

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